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Tour ROTB!

Since we opened the doors at Right Off The Batt Pottery in 2008 we have welcomed thousands of visitors to really experience a Pottery Studio – from the cool feel of clay to the heat coming off our kilns – and this year is no different.

Right Off The Batt Pottery This year however thanks to our relocation to our massive 7,600 square foot facility in Borden-Carleton, we are welcoming absolutely everyone – from Tour Bus Operators to Backpackers to  come check out PEI’s largest Functional Stoneware Pottery manufacturer.

   You’ll enter our Gallery and you won’t know where to look first !  Pottery, original paintings and work from several Maritime Artisans are all waiting for you.  From there if you like we can take you through our facility on a guided tour that will last approximately 15 – 30 minutes depending on your interest level.  You’ll have an opportunity to watch a potter turn a lump of cold clay into a beautiful & functional piece of art on the potter’s wheel – and don’t forget to ask questions !

  Your tour will continue through our production area where we’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about clay and what artisans have done with it throughout the centuries and across our globe.  You’ll feel the heat from our 4 kilns as they work away, transforming pots from dull brown to beautiful arrays of colour.  If you’re lucky you may even get to help unload or load a kiln !

Finally at the end of your tour you’ll be able to take advantage of gift shop specials available only to tour participants.  Imagine giving a hand-crafted gift to someone you love where you have shook the hands that created it and seen the kilns where it was fired well-past 2,000 degrees !

So be sure to make Right Off The Batt Pottery one of your stops during your PEI Vacation, Convention, Conference or spur-of-the-moment adventure !  You can reserve a spot ahead of time or just drop in between 10 AM and 5 PM Monday – Saturday.  Got a bus full of people ?  Please give us a call ahead of time and we can schedule your group in any time !

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