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The inspiration for our Island Stone pattern comes from our love of Prince Edward Island’s red dirt roads and sandstone cliffs… The pieces of our Celtic line of pottery are skillfully incised by hand with a Celtic knot or design… Our Truly Canadian pattern is created by pressing real Maple leaves onto the sides of our pots while the clay is still soft…
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We produce functional stoneware pottery durable enough for everyday use and enjoyment. Our tableware is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe and our glazes are lead free making them safe for food and drink. Avoid subjecting our pottery to any thermal shock. An example of this would be never take a pot from the freezer and put it into a preheated oven. As well, our pots are not intended for cooking directly over the stove element or open flame.
Our mark is a representation of the Chinese symbol meaning “together” or “shoulder to shoulder”. We’ve combined it with our last name to express how we work together as one. Every piece of our pottery has been created, in some way or another, by both our hands so a small portion of both of us goes into our pots and eventually into your home.